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GA Universal Analytics to GA4 migration

Google’s Universal Analytics properties will stop processing data on July 1, 2023 (July 1, 2024 for Analytics 360 properties).

Protecting insights and decision making is at the forefront of every business – making the switch from UA to GA4 has assured this for many of our partners.


Performed ‘discovery’ on key analytics properties within the account to be migrated, prioritise these migrations and document within a specification plan, including scoping of active vs inactive custom dimensions, events, as well as data layer parameters to be maintained or briefed into development.


Business continuity: ensured the ongoing collection of data and KPIs for core business interactions and ecommerce, the life-line for digital business success.

Compliance trust: implemented with complete compliance to GDPR requirements.

Efficiency: maintain business continuity, mitigating risk for data gaps or disruption to analytics.

Minimal impact on reporting: repurpose existing reporting by re-connecting to new GA4 data sources.

Keys to Success

  • Enterprise tag management system i.e. Tealium, Google Tag Manager or Adobe Launch
  • Access to implementation tools within the Google Suite (Google Analytics and Google Sheets).
  • Buy-in from internal development teams to support change

With the vast new capabilities GA4 now has to offer, your business will be super-charged with limitless insights and opportunities.

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