LivePerson Tealium implementation

Business impact after implementing LivePerson with Tealium

Across industries, and in this case a historic British Finance and Motoring Institution, it’s important to balance high call volumes and improve customer experience by shifting calls to AI-powered asynchronous messaging. Ergo, replacing dated and ageing Web Chat technology online with state-of-the-art AI service support and escalation, streamlining customer satisfaction whilst reducing inbound telephony volumes to business contact centres.


Phased rollout plan working closely with the service provider and project teams, implementing a tailored solution based on business offerings and operations, whilst retiring legacy web chat services.

This enabled focused testing and iteration of the AI chat service, allowing each subsequent release to benefit learnings from the launch prior, as well as any base-platform refactoring required to service the new Web Chat implementation.


Workload reduction: contained 30% incremental customer telephone enquiries to the Web, achieving a 90% customer satisfaction score.

Cost reduction: saved the business ~15% in call centre overheads (based on an average operating cost of £5 per customer).

Efficiency: identified key conversational dependencies to convert customers

Streamlining resources: right-sized call-centre agent allocation, streamlining workforce planning

Improved UX: optimisation of core Web site customer experience, providing continuous customer support through both ‘browse’, ‘account’ and ‘checkout’ journeys

Keys to Success

  • Enterprise tag management system
  • 3rd Party partnership with a leading Web Chat service of your choice
  • Buy-in from internal development teams to support change

Bringing conversations to the cloud is key to the future success of any aspiring or established Goods and Services provider.

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