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Strategic Planning

Data strategy

Stakeholder Input

We gather requirements via a mixture of interviews and questionnaire to obtain a complete understanding of a specific objective, what you’re doing well and where there is room for improvement.

Platform Deep-Dive

We support stakeholder feedback by carrying out a review of key analytics platforms being utilised, with a focus on data integrity, enrichment and supporting tool integrations.

Discovery Playback

We feed back into your business an objective summary of our findings, including anonymous stakeholder input and evidence of any gaps/opportunities within your organisations configuration, all while ensuring everyone’s understanding of your set-up is made clear.

Recommendations Roadmap

We will offer a proposal of recommendations to carry forward, including a concise list of sequential actions and timings that will enable the advancement of your organisation’s tracking, compliance, analytics and insights.

Tagging & Analytics

Tracking implementation

Tag Management Systems

We are technology-agnostic and we have extensive experience with all major Tag Management Systems available on the market. Our knowledge spans across client-side & server-side implementations and we can tailor the architecture of our solutions to make sure your KPIs are met.

Analytics Implementation (Web & Mobile)

Thanks to our in-depth technical experience with all major analytics systems, we can guide you to choose the optimal solution for your project. We will make sure your analytics implementation is robust and future-proof, so that your business decisions always rely on data you can trust.

Customer Data Platforms Implementation

The rise of CDP solutions is a result of natural progress in the world of customer analytics. Customer Data Platforms allow you to target customers in real-time across various acquisition channels on an individual basis. We can configure and deploy an optimal CDP solution for your company’s specific needs.

Data Privacy

Analytics compliance

CMP Integrations

Consent Management Platforms are the first required step to achieve compliance with local data privacy regulators. However, your CMP needs to be integrated correctly with the rest of your Marketing & Analytics tech stack through your Tag Management System. 

Cookie Management & Universal Consent

Cookies have a broad definition. There are several types of trackers that your website & mobile apps are required to manage correctly in order to be compliant with data privacy regulations. Our experience in this space allows us to align tracking technologies with Legal requirements and alleviate compliance risks.

Data Privacy Implementation

From cookie banners to DSARs and consent logs to Data Protection Impact Assessments, our team can help you navigate the ever evolving requirements in data privacy. Our trust & safety-first approach involves creating a plan for monitoring and continuously assessing the quality of the implementation. 

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