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GA4 Implementation with Tealium Server-Side


In this case study, we will explore the analytics implementation undertaken by our Analytics Implementation consultants for tagging and tracking using Tealium Event Stream for Google Analytics 4 (GA4) for a financial services-based client. The study will also highlight the use of quality checks, including Tealium’s ‘event specifications,’ for event parameter auditing.


Our client, a leading financial services institution, recognized the importance of data-driven insights in optimizing their online customer experiences and marketing efforts. They sought to transition from Universal Analytics to GA4 and explore the advantages of a server-side Implementation in tracking user interactions.

Project Goals

1. Implement Google Analytics 4 using Tealium Event Stream with a focus on Server Side Implementation.
2. Ensure accurate and consistent tracking of key user interactions.
3. Conduct regular quality checks using Tealium’s ‘event specifications’ for auditing event parameters.

Implementation Steps

1. Tealium and GA4 Integration with Server-Side Implementation

The first step was to integrate Tealium with the client’s financial services website and set up Server Side Implementation for GA4. This involved:

  • Deploying the Tealium Server container, allowing data processing to occur on the server side.
  • Configuring Tealium iQ to manage server-side tags, triggers, and variables.
  • Creating GA4 server-side tags within Tealium iQ and mapping them to relevant server-side events, such as transactions, account logins, and form submissions.

2. Event Parameter Auditing with Tealium’s ‘Event Specifications’

Ensuring data quality and consistency was a top priority. Tealium’s ‘event specifications’ feature played a vital role in this. We established event specifications to enforce naming conventions and data consistency across all events and parameters, both on the client and server sides. This involved:

  • Defining naming conventions for events and event parameters.
  • Specifying allowed values and formats for parameters.
  • Setting up alerts and notifications for any deviations from these specifications.

3. Data Validation and Testing

Before deploying the new tracking setup to the production environment, rigorous testing was conducted. This included:

  • Verifying that server-side events fired correctly in GA4.
  • Checking that event parameters adhered to the established specifications.
  • Testing user interactions on various browsers and devices to ensure cross-browser and cross-device compatibility.

Results and Benefits

1. Enhanced Data Privacy and Security with Server-Side Implementation

Server Side Implementation ensured that sensitive financial data was processed and tracked securely on the server, reducing the risk of data exposure on the client side. This was particularly critical for a financial services client with strict data privacy regulations.

2. Smooth Transition to GA4

The implementation of Tealium’s Event Stream with Server Side Implementation for GA4 allowed for a seamless transition from Universal Analytics to GA4 while maintaining data security and compliance.

3. Enhanced Data Quality

The use of Tealium’s ‘event specifications’ ensured that event parameters were consistently formatted and named correctly, both on the client and server sides. This improved data quality, making it more reliable for decision-making and analysis.

4. Real-time Alerts

The alerting system set up with ‘event specifications’ enabled real-time notifications of any tracking issues or parameter deviations, allowing for quick remediation and data consistency maintenance.


This analytics implementation project successfully integrated Tealium’s Event Stream with Server Side Implementation for Google Analytics 4 for a financial services-based client. The use of Server Side Implementation enhanced data security and compliance, ensuring that sensitive financial data remained protected.

The client now has a robust and secure tracking infrastructure in place, providing accurate and reliable data for their analytics and decision-making processes. This case study highlights the benefits of Server Side Implementation in data-sensitive industries and demonstrates how Tealium’s tools can facilitate a smooth transition while maintaining data integrity and compliance.

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