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Transaction tracking accuracy +45% for a leading Ecommerce Retailer


Ecommerce has become the heart and soul of many businesses, including DIY Retailers. As retail continues to shift further and further into their largest store format “online”, for endless aisles it’s more important than ever to maintain a healthy and meaningful state of decision making through analytics.

We need to ensure we’re recognising tried and true results with data integrity.


The team undertook an exploration of payment journeys across some of Europe’s most renowned Home Improvement brands within France, Poland as well as the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

Throughout this process surfaced inconsistent online transaction behaviour within the checkout funnels. Initial reporting showed fast paced repeat transactions for hardware, furniture, and consumables seemingly too good to be true – upon closer inspection of these transactions revealed that many Home Improvement customer’s needed multiple attempts at purchasing, before they were successful – yet the failed attempts continued to be tracked as if they were!


Up to 45% Accuracy Improvement: Closing error gaps and dramatically sharpening the accuracy of true transaction tracking

Efficiency: Identified high & low performing payment journeys and reprioritized feature development accordingly to handle customer pain points

Keys to success

  • Internal Testing environments with payment method test credentials
  • Understanding how customers interact within the conversion journey
  • Buy-in from internal development teams to support change

With the support of our talented team, eCommerce tracking doesn’t have to be risky – let us help you so you can focus on what your data is telling you with confidence and peace of mind.

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